Aligned & Wealthy AF Chakra Balancing Ebook


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During our Wealth-tea journey, our goal is to protect our bodies for a prosperous life. It’s been said repeatedly that the first wealth is health. Not only does this tea provide you with what's needed for your physical body, but we encourage you to dig deeper to help the tea help you by addressing underlying regions from your past.

Ex. If you are having stomach pains, in addition to drinking the tea, ask yourself “What is it that I can not bare to stomach?”.

During your Wealth-tea journey, your health does not stop at your physical being. We’ve seen over and over that health encompasses your mind, body and spiritual self. So, we will think of each of these areas as our own gardens. Your mental garden, bodily garden and your spiritual gardens all need attention constantly. Imagine, for so many years, you have either cultivated your gardens vigorously, ignored your garden or semi-gardened.

Wherever you fall, we all continuously have work to do! The Wealth-tea community is here to help you through it by creating wellness and elevation through spirit lifting, body cleansing, and mind advancing tea.

Start this journey by mentally committing to being consistent with your Wealth-tea journey. Know what results you are looking for, be open to investing your full self into the process and envision what you want the outcome to look like to you. Allow this ebook to guide your studies and search within for your journey.

- Ebook is provide free with purchase of the Wealth Tea Bundled Collection

Remember, Wealth-tea is a tool that can offer amazing benefits, but is not a replacement for medical treatment or the choice to allow your body, mind and spirit to heal. Modern science and medicine have come a long way and have achieved miracles of their own. If you are suffering from a health condition, whether you use Wealth-tea or not, you should seek medical advise from a professional. They will be able to give you a different perspective that you can incorporate into your journey.